Injector testing & cleaning


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Product number: SW10002.1
Product information "Injector testing & cleaning"
Clogged or defective injectors can make themselves noticable in a variety of ways.
As an example:
  • Restless engine running
  • Bad starting behavior
  • Error codes
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Loss of performance

Above all, defective injection valves can lead to considerable engine damage. In the long run, insufficient or uneven injection can lead to engine knocking.
This is an spantoneous second ignition of the combustion mixture in the cylinder, which causes pressure peaks to occur.

Thanks to our test bench, we are able to test and clean up to six intake manifold injectors at once.
We not only rely on an ultrasonic bath with active control of the injectors, but also carry out "reverse flushing".
In this process, the injector is clamped into our machine upside down, whereby stubborn dirt in particular can be effectively removed.

All injectors are checked and recorded before and after their treatment.
For a surcharge, we offer you a video recording of the entire cleaning and testing procedure, so that you can get an idea of ​​our work, but also of your injectors.

Included services
  • Initial measurement
  • External cleaning
  • Cleaning with control in the ultrasonic bath
  • Pressure loss test
  • Dynamic test (idling, part and full load, as well as acceleration)
  • Reverse flushing
  • Final examination
  • Logging (optionally with video recording)


You will find the data sheet below, which you should enclose with your shipment.

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