About us

Our company history

January 2020

Foundation for Hirschmann & Koxha GbR

At the beginning of 2020 we had the opportunity to acquire a large spare parts warehouse with Saab auto parts. We acquired parts worth around 8500€ and set up our first warehouse with them.

April 2020

Start of business operations

IIn April the time had come. We officially registered our business and started selling the parts. In order to make our offer even more attractive, we started an cooperation with Arashi Dynamics, which supplied us with OEM + turbochargers.

January 2021

Shift towards services

Although we already offered a large number of services in the field of software tuning and engine control units, we only realized the sales potential of this late. From then on it was clear to us that a realignment of the company was necessary in order to continue to generate strong sales.

September 2021

SAAB Cloud becomes Hirschmann & Koxha

In order to underline the change, we have been relying on a new and independent brand since August this year. Gone are the days of the classic spare parts trade.
The aim now is to offer our services to a broader audience for the first time and thus to act independently of vehicle brands for the first time.

Februar 2022

Research breakthrough Trionic 8

After a reliable repair of the Trionic 8 engine control units was considered impossible for a long time, we managed to do just that at the end of February 2022. As a result, we were able to secure significant market shares and gain liquid funds to drive our expansion forward.

January 2023

Global market expansion

After 2 years and 9 months on the market we are taking the next step. Our small business becomes a group with independent companies in Sweden and the United States for the first time. The objective is complete market penetration and ensuring the supply of Saab spare parts in Europe, the USA and Taiwan.

Outlook 2023

What is next...

A considerable expansion of our product range is planned for the further course of the year. We are already working on new control modules for the 900II, 9-3I, 9-5I and 9-3II models, which not only enable music playback via Bluetooth, but also ensure full access to the engine control unit.
Furthermore, in the second quarter of this year we will also be the first company in the world to offer repairs of Bosch ME9.6 control units. The first repairs of this type were already successfully carried out in 2022.