Flash Toolkit - Trionic & ME9.6 - Rental

Product information "Flash Toolkit - Trionic & ME9.6 - Rental"
For those who do not have a mobile Windows device our toolkit offers the ideal alternative.
Delivered in a protective case, you will find everything you need.

  • 1x Lenovo ThinkPad T450 including power supply
  • 1x Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 OBDII
  • 1x OBDLink SX

All necessary drivers and programs are preconfigured and installed on the waterproof and extremely robust ThinkPad.

This includes:
  • TrionicCANFlasher
  • T5SuiteII
  • T7Suite
  • T8Suite
  • OBDWiz
  • SAAB Accessories Installation Catalog
  • VirtualBox with TIS2000 & GlobalTIS as well as WIS 3.0, and much more.
  • TIS2012 GBF files (SAAB)
  • MCP 1.0 and 1.1
  • All T5 binaries
  • All T7 binaries
  • All T8 binaries

Plug in the interface and get started right away!
It has never been easier to work on your eninge control unit.

The exact rental prices and conditions can be found in our price list.
A deposit of 200,00€ must be paid in advance and will be refunded upon return.
The maximum rental period is 14 days, after which the set is considered lost and must be completely replaced.
Price list
Below our rental prices.

Price per day
up to 7 days
from 8 to 14 days

The rental period begins on the day of delivery and ends on the day of physical handover to the parcel service.
The return costs are not included.

In the event of a loss, 899,99€ is due.