Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new blog

Over time, we've made several attempts to start our blog, but we never quite managed to maintain it properly. The reasons ranged from new projects constantly coming up to, to be completely honest, a lack of business interest.

However, we've decided to give it another shot. Why? Because it benefits you, our customers. In today's world, Google doesn't just require a "Hey, I want to sell something" website. What matters more is content. The newer and higher quality it is, the higher a page ranks.

Unfortunately, many end customers often fall victim to this. They fall for dubious competitors or end up paying exorbitant prices for corresponding control units.

Of course, nobody acts without self-interest - including us. However, honesty in our business dealings is essential to us. Those who have done business with us know that. We always operate transparently, honestly, and above all, with a focus on the customer. That's why we offer free guides (as PDFs or videos on our YouTube channel) for some of the problems, or even completely free and open-source software products like our CIM tool.

So, we're delighted to welcome you here and look forward to our time together.