US Expansion - Giving It Our All

US Expansion - Giving It Our All

Some may have noticed our restraint since the beginning of 2023. We had a lot of time to reflect during the December holidays. Time we used to focus on the people who accompany us day in and day out. But also time to realize what we really want.

We have never rested on our laurels. Quite the opposite. Instead, we have torn down one wall after another and made things possible that many thought unimaginable. With each of these advances, we crossed a border time and again - especially in private matters. Now is the time to decide whether this time we will not just break down one, but all boundaries.

So far, we have been very reserved about the US market, yet still present. This restraint was by no means voluntary, but enforced by supposed partners. Every time we tried to expand there, people from certain companies ran to one of our most important suppliers and complained.

The reason for our ambitions? Completely irrelevant. The doubts had to be silenced, but the money was allowed to speak. The fact that we were aiming for a harmonization of the market was deliberately swept under the rug by those involved. Instead, we were faced with the choice of submitting to the will of others and playing their game, or foregoing an essential part of our business.

To illustrate this injustice - in the USA, a refurbished unit costs 600 US dollars. In Germany, it's only 449.99 euros including 19% VAT. In the USA, this tax doesn't even exist. Thanks to very liberal tax laws, taxation there is correspondingly low - significantly lower than it is here. And although we offer the lowest price, the hurdle for customers in the USA is still comparatively high, as they have to take the international shipping route.

But that's now over. After 12 months of intense preparation and planning, we will prove our capabilities once and for all. We have not only removed the supplier from our network, but have also significantly upgraded.

Thanks to our good relationships and the enormous expertise of the people involved, we are able to perform all services in even higher quality. We spare no expense for this, as we want to protect what is most important to us - our customers. The goal of our company has always been a sustainable, transparent, and above all, fair business model. Maxims we will never betray.

The self-cost portion has increased somewhat, but this increase was only marginal, allowing us to continue to adhere to existing price structures.

Effective immediately, all customers in the USA will receive a refurbished control unit to our new quality standards for 400 US dollars including express shipping. Thanks to the liberal legislation, no import duties are due (this is only the case from 800 US dollars). The prerequisite for this offer is the provision of a repairable unit. If this is not the case, we charge 500 US dollars including express shipping.
Naturally, both offers include a heat shield plate and a 1-year warranty.

But it gets even better - shipping the units to Germany is no longer necessary. Instead, customers can simply send their control units to a US company, which takes care of everything else. Also, regarding shipping times, we have nothing to hide. On the contrary. Our shipping times far exceed the national shipping route in the USA. Whether on the East or West Coast. We reach every destination within 3 working days.

We are ready.

In order to claim this offer, all you have to do is to add this product into your shopping cart. DO NOT select the mail-in. After you have paid, you are going to receive the address, where you need to send your unit to - everything from there is carried out by us.